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ESCLH Conference

European Society of Comparative Legal History

  • 2014 ESCLH Conference

    July 8, 2014 – July 9, 2014

    2014 ESCLH conference Macerata

    The European Society for Comparative Legal History (ESCLH) – founded in 2009 – continues to highlight and promote the comparison of legal ideas and legal institutions across different national juridical fields. Following the second ESCHL Conference held at Amsterdam VU University (2012) dedicated to “Definitions and Challenges”, the third ESCHL Conference will take place on 8-9 July 2014 in Macerata (Italy) and will be hosted by the University of Macerata. Under the heading “Traditions and changes” the Conference will develop a theme which is integral part of the challenges of comparative legal history.

  • October 6, 2011 – October 7, 2011

The Future of the pedagogical research and its Evaluation - The case-study of journals

  • The Future of the pedagogical research and its Evaluation

    March 23, 2011 – March 25, 2011

  • September 16, 2010 – September 17, 2010


  • January 13, 2011 – January 15, 2011

    In the present “post-modern” situation of decline of the great narrations, to use the words of F. Lyotard, in the desire to attempt to inventory the philosophical resources still available, scholars have been invited to apply themselves to grasping and identifying paths-of-meaning in the current cultural outlook. To this end, as the phenomenological expression of thought still seems to elude its “postist” outcome, and, on the contrary, maintain the vitality for new germinations, as observed by J. Habermas, it has been decided to emphasize comparison with the more recent and innovative phenomenological theoretic perspectives, among which the phenomenology of life Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka stands out.

  • December 15, 2015 – December 30, 2015